Section 35:9

    35:9 Investment. – Each capital reserve fund shall be maintained separately on the books of the town. The assets of such funds may be pooled in order to invest in a broader range of investments to maximize growth and mitigate risk. Said capital reserve funds shall be invested only in deposits in any federally insured bank authorized to accept deposits under RSA 6:8, I and I-a, or in bonds or notes of this state, in such stocks and bonds as are legal for investment by banks chartered by this state to engage in a banking business, or in participation units in the public deposit investment pool established pursuant to RSA 383:22, or in obligations with principal and interest fully guaranteed by the United States government. The obligations may be held directly or in the form of securities of or other interests in any open-end or closed-end management-type investment company or investment trust registered under 15 U.S.C. section 80a-1 et seq., if the portfolio of the investment company or investment trust is limited to such obligations and repurchase agreements fully collateralized by such obligations. When so invested the trustees hereinafter named shall not be liable for the loss thereof. Any interest earned or capital gains realized on the moneys so invested shall accrue to and become a part of the individual funds on a pro rata basis. Deposits in federally or state-chartered banks shall be made in the name of the town, district, or county which holds the same as a reserve, and it shall appear upon the books thereof that the same is a capital reserve fund. Any person who directly or indirectly receives any such capital reserve funds for deposit or for investment in securities of any kind shall, prior to acceptance of such funds, make available at the time of such deposit or investment an option to have such funds secured by collateral having a value at least equal to the amount of such funds. Such collateral shall be segregated for the exclusive benefit of the town, school district, village district, or county depositing or investing such funds. Only securities defined by the bank commissioner as provided by rules adopted pursuant to RSA 383-B:3-301(e) shall be eligible to be pledged as collateral. The trustees shall formally adopt an investment policy for all investments made by them or by their agents for any trust funds in their custody in conformance with the provisions of applicable statutes. The trustees shall review and confirm the investment policy at least annually. A copy of the investment policy shall be filed with the attorney general.

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