Section 35-B:2

    35-B:2 Tax and Appropriations. –
Any town, city, county, village district or school district may raise annually revenues and appropriate funds for the purpose described in RSA 35-B:1 and also may raise such sums when the land upon which such activities are conducted belongs to or is leased by the state. The money necessary to pay for lands or other recreation purposes described in RSA 35-B:1 may be raised and appropriated by the board or body having control over the finances of a political subdivision by the following methods:
I. General taxation, as other taxes are raised and levied or by the issuance of temporary loan bonds or by the issuance of permanent bonds to the extent, and with the authority authorized by existing law.
II. By fees and charges for recreation park services and facilities. All revenue from such fees and charges may be deposited into a special fund established for such purposes pursuant to RSA 31:95-c, or into a recreation revolving fund established by vote of the legislative body. If such a recreation revolving fund is created, the money in the fund shall be allowed to accumulate from year to year, and shall not be considered part of the political subdivision's general surplus. The treasurer of the political subdivision shall have custody of all moneys in such fund, and shall pay out the same only upon order of the recreation or park commission, or other board or body designated by the local legislative body at the time the fund is created. Such funds may be expended only for the purposes of this chapter, and no expenditure shall be made in such a way as to require the expenditure of, or create a liability upon, other town funds which have not been appropriated to that purpose. If such recreation revolving fund is rescinded by vote of the legislative body, any remaining amounts in the fund shall become part of the general fund accumulated surplus.

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