Section 33:3-d

    33:3-d Refunding Bonds. –
I. A municipality or county may authorize the issuance of refunding bonds in order to pay all or part of any issue of bonds called or to be called for redemption, including any redemption premium thereon, all or part of the interest coming due on or prior to the date on which the outstanding bonds are redeemed, and the costs of issuing and marketing the refunding bonds. The authorization and issuance of refunding bonds shall be subject to the same requirements and provisions of law as would then be applicable to the authorization and issuance of the bonds being redeemed, as far as apt. In a town, school district, or village district, but not in a city, such refunding bonds may be authorized by the governing body of such town, school district, or village district, notwithstanding the provisions of RSA 33:8. In this case, the authorization of refunding bonds shall not be subject to RSA 33:8-a, provided that there shall be at least one public hearing concerning any proposed refunding bond issue in excess of $100,000 held before the governing body of the town, school district, or village district. Notice of the time, place, and subject of such hearing shall be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the town, school district, or village district at least 7 days before the hearing is held.
II. Refunding bonds shall be payable in installments, the first of which shall be not later than the earliest stated principal maturity date of the bonds being refunded and the last of which shall be not later than the last date on which the bonds being refunded could have been made payable under that law applicable to the bonds being refunded. The installment payments of refunding bonds shall be arranged in accordance with RSA 33:2 except that any installment that is payable earlier than the date on which the first installment is required to be made payable may be in any amount. The proceeds of refunding bonds, exclusive of any premium and accrued interest and any proceeds used to pay issuing or marketing costs, shall, upon their receipt, be paid immediately to the paying agent for the bonds which are to be called and prepaid; and such paying agent shall hold such proceeds in trust until the bonds are redeemed. While such proceeds are held in trust, they may be invested for the benefit of the municipality or county as may be provided in any other applicable law of the state of New Hampshire relating to the investment or deposit of municipal or county funds; and the income derived from investment may be expended to pay the principal of and redemption premium, if any, on the refunded bonds and interest thereon until they are redeemed. Refunding bonds issued in accordance with this section shall be subject to the same statutory limit of indebtedness, if any, as the bonds refunded; provided, however, that upon the issuance of the refunding bonds, the bonds refunded shall no longer be counted in determining any limit of indebtedness of the municipality or county.

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