Section 9-A:1

    9-A:1 Comprehensive Plan. –
I. There shall be a comprehensive state development plan which establishes state policy on development related issues and proposes new or expanded programs to implement such policies. The plan shall provide a basis for identifying critical issues facing the state, determining state priorities, allocating limited state resources, and taking into account the plans of various state, regional, and local governmental units.
II. The comprehensive development plan shall establish policies in areas related to the orderly physical, social, and economic growth and development of the state.
III. The comprehensive development plan shall include:
(a) State policies to provide for the orderly growth and development of the state and to maximize smart growth.
(b) Goals and policies which are relevant to the topical areas included in the plan, including but not limited to:
(1) An overall vision section that serves as the direction for the other sections of the plan. This section shall contain a set of statements which articulates the desires of the public relative to the future. It shall contain a set of guiding principles and priorities to implement that vision, with special emphasis on maximizing the smart growth principles in RSA 9-B.
(2) A land use section which examines the state's role in land development and in funding projects and programs which affect land uses.
(3) A transportation section which considers all pertinent modes of transportation and provides a framework of policies and actions which will provide for a safe and adequate transportation system to serve the needs of the state.
(4) A public facilities section which examines the projected needs of state institutions and coordinates with other governmental units, whether federal, county, local, special districts, or school districts, as to their needs as well.
(5) A housing section which sets forth approaches to meeting the need for affordable housing.
(6) An economic development section which proposes actions and policies to suit the state's economic goals and needs, based on the current and projected economic strengths and weaknesses. The section shall reference the economic development strategy and operating plan and process developed by the division of economic development under RSA 12-O:24 through 12-O:28.
(7) A natural resources section which identifies trends in land protection, open space, farm land preservation and protection, and proposes policies and actions necessary at the state level to protect those resources which are perceived to be of statewide significance.
(8) A natural hazards section which identifies actions to improve the ability of the state to minimize damages from future disasters that affect land and property subject to such disasters.
(9) A recreation section which assesses current and future recreation needs within the foreseeable future and identifies policies and a plan of action to support them at the state level.
(10) A utility and public service section which details state level policies and actions necessary to assure adequate service to the citizens of the state.
(11) A regional concerns section which describes specific areas of the state with potentially unique concerns and identifies policies and actions which may reasonably be undertaken to assist in addressing those issues.
(12) A section which identifies state policies and actions necessary to protect cultural and historic resources of statewide significance and assist in their rehabilitation or preservation, and generally assure their availability for future generations of state citizens.
(13) An implementation section, which is a long range action program for assessing the effectiveness of each section of the plan.
IV. The comprehensive development plan shall serve as the basis for policy and program development by the various departments of state government. State agencies shall develop and regional planning commissions and local planning boards are encouraged to develop plans which are consistent with the policies and priorities established in the comprehensive development plan.
V. The comprehensive development plan shall be renewed or revised every 4 years, beginning on October 1, 2003, and the plan transmitted to the general court.

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