State Treasurer

Section 6:12-j

    6:12-j Review and Reporting Requirement for Dedicated Funds. –
I. Every 5 years, the agency responsible for administration of a fund or account listed in RSA 6:12 shall prepare a report that:
(a) In addition to the information contained in the report submitted under RSA 6:12-e, identifies all fund or account expenditures during the prior 4 fiscal years by accounting unit; and
(b) Demonstrates the continued need for the fund or account.
II. The report shall be submitted on or before August 15 of the reporting year to the ways and means committee in the house and senate, the finance committee in the house and senate, the joint committee on dedicated funds, the relevant policy committees in the house and senate, and the legislative budget assistant.
III. If the joint committee on dedicated funds, in consultation with the relevant policy committee, determines that the fund or account no longer serves the statutory purpose for which it was created, or that the purpose has become obsolete, the joint committee shall submit legislation to repeal, merge, or modify the fund or account in the next legislative session.
IV. The joint committee shall also annually request information of the department of administrative services as to dedicated funds which are not yet listed in RSA 6:12, I and submit legislation to add them to this list.
V. The reporting year for each agency responsible for a dedicated fund shall be as follows:
(a) Year 1, beginning November 1, 2016, and every 5 years thereafter:
(1) The department of safety.
(2) The police standards and training council.
(3) The department of employment security.
(4) The department of business and economic affairs.
(5) The department of state.
(b) Year 2, beginning November 1, 2017, and every 5 years thereafter:
(1) The department of environmental services.
(2) The liquor commission.
(3) The department of justice.
(4) The lottery commission.
(5) The racing and charitable gaming commission.
(6) The judicial branch.
(c) Year 3, beginning November 1, 2018, and every 5 years thereafter:
(1) The department of agriculture, markets, and food.
(2) The labor department.
(3) The department of corrections.
(4) Pease development authority.
(5) The office of strategic initiatives.
(6) The adjutant general.
(7) The state treasurer.
(8) The insurance department.
(9) The department of transportation.
(d) Year 4, beginning November 1, 2019, and every 5 years thereafter:
(1) The department of natural and cultural resources.
(2) The department of education.
(3) The banking department.
(4) The public utilities commission.
(5) The department of revenue administration.
(6) The department of information technology.
(7) The judicial council.
(8) [Repealed.]
(9) The New Hampshire veterans' home.
(e) Year 5, beginning November 1, 2020, and every 5 years thereafter:
(1) The department of administrative services.
(2) The general court.
(3) The department of health and human services.
(4) The fish and game department.
(5) The office of professional licensure and certification.
VI. The joint committee on dedicated funds may submit legislation at any time after the first review to exempt a fund or account from this section which receives adequate and periodic review elsewhere.
VII. This section shall not apply to trusts as defined in RSA 6:12, III(f).

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