Section 5-B:3

    5-B:3 Pooled Risk Management Authorized and Affirmed; Membership. –
I. A political subdivision, by resolution of its governing body, may establish and enter into agreements for obtaining or implementing insurance by self-insurance; for obtaining insurance from any insurer authorized to transact business in this state as an admitted or surplus lines carrier; or for obtaining insurance secured in accordance with any method provided by law; or for obtaining insurance by any combination of the provisions of this paragraph. Agreements made pursuant to this paragraph may provide for pooling of self-insurance reserves, risks, claims and losses, and of administrative services and expenses associated with them among political subdivisions. To accomplish the purposes of this chapter, 2 or more political subdivisions may form an association under the laws of this state or affirm an existing association so formed to develop and administer a risk management program having as its purposes reducing the risk of its members; safety engineering; distributing, sharing, and pooling risks; acquiring insurance, excess loss insurance, or reinsurance; and processing, paying and defending claims against the members of such association.
II. RSA 53-A shall not apply to an association formed or affirmed under this chapter, nor to the participation in such an association by a political subdivision.
III. Pooled risk management programs established for the benefit of political subdivisions may provide any or all of the following coverages:
(a) Casualty, including general and professional liability; errors and omissions; workers' compensation and employer's liability; medical payments; or unemployment compensation as authorized under federal law.
(b) Property, including marine and inland navigation; transportation; boiler and machinery; fire; theft; or natural hazards.
(c) Vehicle, including any liability or loss arising from the ownership or operation of vehicles.
(d) Surety and fidelity.
(e) Environmental impairment.
(f) Hospital, medical, surgical or dental benefits for employees and their dependents.
(g) Life, income maintenance, accidental death and dismemberment, vision loss or impairment, or legal benefits for employees and their dependents.
(h) Unanticipated special education cost recovery.

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