Section 4:8-a

    4:8-a Gifts for Historic Sites and the Community College System of New Hampshire. –
I. The governor and council may, by executive order, authorize the department of natural and cultural resources to accept, for the state, gifts of personal property and money which are donated for use in connection with historic sites and the buildings or structures thereon, which are under the management of that department. Each such executive order shall relate to a particular site and may authorize the use of such personal property or the expenditure of such money, in accordance with the terms of the gift, under the supervision of such department. Such executive order, as originally made or later amended, may also authorize the sale or exchange of any such personal property found subsequently to be inappropriate for use, where not inconsistent with the terms of the gift, and application of the proceeds or items received in exchange for the purposes of the original gift. The department shall keep a permanent inventory or record of such gifts and the disposition of such gifts. The board of trustees, community college system of New Hampshire, may accept gifts of personal property and money pursuant to RSA 188-F:6. The board shall consult with the state curator regarding gifts of potential historic significance. Gifts of historic significance accepted by the board of trustees shall be cataloged by the state curator pursuant to RSA 227-C:4, XVIII, and recognized by the governor and council under this section.
II. Any legally constituted board or commission which is established for the purpose of state historic site restoration shall have the option of retaining ownership of any historic site furnishing, which is acquired with other than state funds, for the duration of its existence, and which funds shall be used for the purposes of upgrading or insuring furnishings at no cost to the state. The commissioner of the department of natural and cultural resources shall prepare a site inventory of all furnishings acquired by the board or commission. The board or commission shall maintain the inventory and shall report any changes annually.

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