Acquisition and Disposal of Real Estate

Section 4:40

    4:40 Disposal of Real Estate. –
Disposal of state owned real estate shall occur as follows:
I. Except as provided in RSA 4:39-c, RSA 228:31-b, and RSA 204-D, upon recommendation of the head of any state department having jurisdiction over the same, all requests for the disposal or leasing of state-owned properties shall be reviewed and approved by the long range capital planning and utilization committee, with advice from the council on resources and development, prior to submission to the governor and council for approval. Upon determination that the property is no longer needed by the state, the governor and council shall first offer it to the town, city, or county in which the property is located. If the town, city, or county refuses the offer, the governor and council may sell, convey, transfer, or lease the real property.
II. [Repealed.]
III. Sales of real property under this section shall be at not less than a current market value of the subject property as may be determined by the governor and council. If the town, city, or county decides to resell the property, it shall first offer the property to the state at the market value at the time of sale.
III-a. All state agencies shall charge an administrative fee for the disposal of real property under this section. The administrative fee shall be at least $1,100 and shall be subject to the approval of the long range capital planning and utilization committee, except that the committee may waive or approve a fee less than $1,100 in appropriate circumstances, provided the authority of the committee to waive or lower the fee shall be applied in a fair and consistent manner. The revenue from the administrative fees shall be deposited into the general, highway, turnpike, or fish and game fund, depending on which fund initially purchased the property, except that for disposals of real property by the department of natural and cultural resources the administrative fee shall be deposited into the separate account within the forest improvement fund, as provided in RSA 227-G:5, II(b), for the purchase and improvement of areas suitable for state reservations.
IV. This section shall not apply to sale of institutional lands as provided by RSA 10:4, to real estate given or bequeathed to the state under provisions of trust or in settlement of public assistance claims or liens, or to state lands or their products required to be held to procure a continuance of federal conservation work; provided, however, that the state-capitol-region planning commission shall be provided written notice 60 days before any sale in the city of Concord or Concord area. This section shall also not apply to the exchange of state-owned lands for other lands of equal or greater value, which are under the jurisdiction of a department and used by such department during right-of-way negotiations or to the sale of buildings that need to be moved to clear such right-of-way for public projects found necessary under other state laws.
V. No state-owned property adjacent to or providing access to a river or river segment shall be recommended for disposal by the council on resources and development except upon the review and recommendation of the advisory committee established in RSA 483:8.

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