Section 21-R:4

    21-R:4 Duties of the Commissioner. –
In addition to the powers, duties, and functions otherwise vested in the commissioner pursuant to RSA 21-G:9, the commissioner shall be responsible for the following:
I. Providing technical information technology consultation to all executive branch agencies and to any other agency that requests it, including technical advice consistent with the principles of open government data established in RSA 21-R:11 through RSA 21-R:14 during the development or acquisition of information systems.
II. Monitoring technological trends and informing all state employees and officials about state-of-the-art information systems and management techniques.
III. Developing a formal information technology planning process for approving agency information technology plans.
IV. Preparing and maintaining a statewide information technology plan based upon agency information technology plans.
V. Reviewing, assessing, and approving the feasibility of agency information technology plans, including cost estimates and effects on other agencies and political subdivisions of the state.
VI. Developing standards and processes for collaborative stakeholder involvement to assure that hardware, software, and telecommunications systems acquired or developed by the state are as compatible among themselves and with other systems of the state and political subdivisions as are necessary and practical.
VII. Providing training and educational programs to technicians and managers.
VIII. Monitoring and reporting to the governor and general court on the effectiveness of the use of information technology resources and on statewide progress in implementing information technology plans.
IX. Coordinating information technology development efforts that affect multiple agencies.
X. Developing and implementing a data center consolidation plan, which establishes strategic data centers throughout the state for data processing operations and service responsibilities for all executive branch agencies.
XI. Developing, in concert with the commissioner of administrative services and the state budget office established in RSA 21-I:6, the capital and operating budget requests for implementing each agency's information technology plan, including, but not limited to, appropriate standards for the uniform presentation of the general budget requests.
XII. Developing, in concert with the department of administrative services, division of procurement and support services, specifications for the procurement of computer hardware, software, related licenses, media, documentation, support and maintenance services, and other related services.
XIII. Developing and implementing a strategy to increase efficiency and effectiveness in all areas of state government by using information technology to its fullest potential.
XIV. Developing and implementing a strategy to consolidate statewide shared information technology services.
XV. Developing an information technology satisfaction measurement program to ensure information technology resources and strategic plans are meeting the needs of each agency.
XVI. Developing and implementing a strategy to address cyber security risks to the state's data, information, and technology resources.
XVII. Developing and implementing a strategy to address the state's geographical information system (GIS) technology.
XVIII. Establishing as necessary, after consultation with the information technology council, established under RSA 21-R:6, statewide standards and protocols for information technology, networks, and cyber security, which shall be adhered to by all executive branch agencies unless granted a waiver by the commissioner.
XIX. Providing telecommunications services to state government.
XX. Adopting comprehensive and uniform standards, practices, procedures, instructions, and funding processes relative to statewide telephony services applicable to all state agencies. The comprehensive and uniform requirements shall be in the form of a manual and shall be subject to the approval of the governor and council, but shall not be subject to the rulemaking requirements of RSA 541-A.

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