General Provisions

Section 21-I:8

    21-I:8 Division of Accounting Services. –
There is hereby established within the department the division of accounting services under the supervision of an unclassified director of accounting services, who shall also be known as the comptroller. The comptroller shall direct the state's accounting functions, using generally accepted accounting principles and taking full advantage of all benefits of automated data processing applications, to the end that the fiscal affairs of all state agencies and departments will be adequately and uniformly serviced and that periodic financial and management reports will be available to serve the various needs of all state agencies and the executive and legislative branches in their decision making processes. The commissioner of administrative services may authorize deviations from generally accepted accounting principles if the commissioner deems it is in the best interest of the state, provided that the explanation for the deviation is provided in the annual report required by subparagraph II(a). The division shall include the following internal organizational units:
I. The bureau of accounting under the supervision of a classified administrator of accounting who shall be responsible for functions that include at least the following, in accordance with applicable laws:
(a) Reviewing all state contracts for budget control and for substantive protection of the public interest.
(b) Implementing a system established by the commissioner to specify how and when business process auditing of claims is to be performed.
(c) Business process auditing of claims in accordance with subparagraph (b) to be presented for the issuance of warrants and certifying to the governor and council that such claims are just and proper claims against the state and within appropriations provided by statute.
(d) Preparing appropriate warrants and schedules of manifests supporting the same, for consideration and execution by the governor, with the advice and consent of the council.
(e) Making appropriate departmental and agency budget adjustments for services performed by the department of transportation.
(f) When so authorized by the governor and council, making such transfers of appropriation items within any division or functional unit of state government as may be necessary or desirable to best carry out the purpose of such division or functional unit.
(g) Making use of the most advanced and economical techniques within the capabilities of the state's data processing system in carrying out his or her duties.
(h) Controlling all payment of moneys into the treasury.
II. The bureau of financial reporting, under the supervision of a classified administrator of financial reporting who shall be responsible for functions that include at least the following, in accordance with applicable laws:
(a) Not later than 90 days after the close of the fiscal year, unless the governor and council for good cause shall extend such period, completing a comprehensive annual report concerning the preceding fiscal year that details the financial condition and operation of the state during that period in a manner consistent with generally accepted accounting principles. Said report shall subsequently be audited by the legislative budget assistant who may designate a certified public accountant not employed in the state service to conduct the annual audit and may accept the findings and report of the certified public accountant as fulfilling the provisions of this section provided that in either case said audit shall be conducted in accordance with prevailing standards and practices of governmental auditing specified by authoritative national standard setting bodies. The audited report shall be completed and available to the public by December 31 of each year unless for good cause the joint legislative fiscal committee shall extend such period.
(b) [Repealed.]
(c) [Repealed.]
(d) Producing periodic reports and analysis of government revenues and expenditures.

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