Classified Employees

Section 21-I:54

    21-I:54 New Positions and Reclassification of Positions. –
I. Notwithstanding any provision of law to the contrary, no new position in the classified service for employment of over one calendar year shall be established except upon approval of the governor and council. A request from a department head for additional personnel beyond those considered as line items in the budget as enacted as a budgetary amount, if said employment is for a period in excess of one calendar year, shall be considered a new position requiring the approval as specified in this section. In addition, a request made either to the division of personnel or the governor and council for the reclassification or reallocation of positions to a different class series shall be considered as a request for a new position and shall require the approval of the governor and council, except as provided in RSA 21-I:56, IV.
II. The division of personnel shall submit to the general court on or before January 15 of each legislative year a report containing a list of all new positions created subsequent to the report made to the preceding session of the general court giving the reason for the action taken in each case and stating clearly the effect of such action upon the amounts for personnel services appropriated by the preceding general court. The report shall also include a list of all reclassifications or reallocations of positions allowed during the previous year by either the director or the personnel appeals board. The report shall state how many employees were affected by each reclassification or reallocation and the cost of each reclassification or reallocation.
III. The director shall make a decision on any request for reclassification or reallocation from department heads or position incumbents within 45 days of receipt of a completed request for reclassification or reallocation as defined by rules adopted under RSA 21-I:43, II(u). Except as otherwise provided by law, rule, or bargaining agreement negotiated under the provisions of RSA 273-A, no increases in salary shall be allowed for any request until a final decision is made by the director, or if the director's decision is appealed, by the personnel appeals board. Increases in salary due to reclassification or reallocation shall become effective at the beginning of the next pay period following the final decision of the director or the board.

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