Section 12-O:20

    12-O:20 Director of Economic Development; Duties. –
The director of economic development, under the supervision of the commissioner of business and economic affairs shall:
I. Establish and maintain a database on matters related to the economy of the state and its economic development.
II. Plan, develop, and administer programs to assist in the maintenance and expansion of existing industry and business in the state.
III. Plan, develop, and administer programs to encourage and promote the development of new industry and business in the state.
IV. Provide information and assistance to local and regional officials on matters related to economic development and encourage the establishment of local development plans and programs.
V. Research and analyze information on matters related to the economic development of the state to support and evaluate the effectiveness of promotional and assistance programs.
VI. Prepare a written economic development strategy and operating plan as required by RSA 12-O:24 through 12-O:28.
VII. Plan, develop, and administer programs to assist in the implementation of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998, 29 U.S.C. section 2801 et seq., as such may be amended, reauthorized, and in effect from time to time, implement the state plan established by the governor and the State Workforce Innovation Board, and perform the following additional functions:
(a) Through the youth council, select youth providers of training services in the local areas.
(b) Identify eligible providers of training services in the local area.
(c) Identify eligible providers of intensive services, if not otherwise provided by the One-Stop operator.
(d) Develop a budget for carrying out the duties of the State Workforce Innovation Board, subject to the approval of the commissioner.
(e) Oversee local programs of youth activities, local employment, and training service.
(f) Establish, in conjunction with the commissioner, local performance measures.
(g) Assist the commissioner in developing statewide employment statistics systems described in the Wagner-Peyser Act.
(h) Coordinate workforce investment activities authorized and implemented within the state with economic development strategies, and develop the employer linkages with such activities.
(i) Make available to the public, on a regular basis through open meetings, information regarding State Workforce Innovation Board activities including information regarding the state plan prior to its submission, and information regarding membership, the designation and certification of One-Stop operators and the award of grants or contracts to eligible providers of youth activities and, as requested, minutes of formal meetings of the State Workforce Innovation Board.
(j) Review the operation of programs and the availability, responsiveness, and adequacy of state services, and make recommendations to the governor, appropriate chief elected officials, service providers, the legislature, and general public with respect to steps to improve the effectiveness of these services and programs.
(k) Review plans of all state agencies providing employment training, and related services, and provide comments and recommendations to the governor, the legislature, the state agencies, and appropriate federal agencies on the relevancy and effectiveness of employment and training and related services delivery system in the state.
VIII. Perform any other duties and functions as assigned by the commissioner.

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