Section 12-O:14

    12-O:14 New Hampshire Tourism Policy. –
It is the intent of the general court that all agencies and departments of state government and, specifically, the director of travel and tourism development, under the supervision of the commissioner of business and economic affairs, shall implement their statutory responsibilities in a manner consistent with promoting and encouraging the orderly growth and development of tourism within the state. This policy shall include efforts to:
I. Foster awareness and appreciation of New Hampshire's natural, historical, cultural, and scenic resources among its residents.
II. Instill a better understanding among New Hampshire residents and also state employees of the importance of tourism to the state economy.
III. Establish and maintain a database on matters concerning state tourism research.
IV. Encourage fairs, conventions, trade shows, and other expositions of hospitality and friendliness toward visitors.
V. Protect and preserve wildlife, natural resources, and geological, archaeological, and cultural treasures within the state for the enjoyment of residents and nonresidents.
VI. Support tourism by developing an essential tourism infrastructure, including, but not limited to, adequate highways and public transportation networks and facilities for the traveling public.
VII. Encourage, assist, and coordinate, when possible, the tourism activities of local and regional promotional organizations.
VIII. Encourage law enforcement personnel to assist, whenever possible, the traveling public by providing them with a hospitable reception and appropriate information.
IX. Ensure, when feasible, equal access by visitors and residents to public recreational resources.
X. Ensure that the interest of tourism is fully considered by state agencies and the general court in its deliberations.
XI. Harmonize, to the maximum extent, all state activities in support of tourism with the needs of the general public, the state and its political subdivisions, and the tourism industry. Any conflicts among the agencies and departments of the state in the implementation of their responsibilities under this section shall be referred to the council on resources and development established by RSA 162-C.
XII. Utilize tourism activities and resources as resident recruitment tools for the state.

Source. 2017, 156:40, eff. July 1, 2017.