Representative Travis O'Hara (R)

Belknap - District 9

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Home Address

25 Spring St Apt 2
Belmont, NH  03220
Seat #: 2034

Additional Information

House Committee Information
Committee Name: Special Committee on Redistricting
Position:  Member
Committee Phone:  
Position:  Member
Committee Phone:  603-271-3565
Committee Function:
It shall be the duty of the Committee on Transportation to consider all matters pertaining to development, operation and regulation of all means of air, land and water transportation, except for the capital improvement and repair of public highways; the motor vehicle code; and such other matters as may be referred to it.

Personal Biography
I was born in Laconia at Lakes Region General Hospital to my mother, Christine(Littlefield) Smith, and father, Shannon O'Hara. After my birth, we went back to Fort McClellan, where my father was stationed. After a couple of years there, we moved back to Laconia, NH. For grade school, I went to Pleasant Street School, then Memorial Middle School (now Laconia Middle School), and then Laconia High School. I got my bachelor's degree from Granite State College. I earned my degree in Accounting and Finance while raising our daughter; we had at 16 years-old. I am a Business Development and Profitability Advisor. I currently reside in Belmont, NH, with my wife, Briana, daughter, Gabriella, born in 2010, son, Elijah, born in 2020, and our pup, Sawyer.
Local Government Involvement
I never ran for any local government before this time.
Miscellaneous Information:
I have watched a gorgeous city, Laconia, turn in to a “drug-infested pen.” Poor choice of words, maybe, but it’s the truth, so let’s clean it up. Yes, I have conversed about how inadequately Laconia schools are being managed, but after listening to Steven Crowder say, “Stop saying someone has to do something, and be that someone,”: I want to be that someone for Laconia/Belmont.
Small business is the lifeline to keep a district booming, and expanding burdens on them only hurts the whole district, not just the business. Intense competition between businesses will raise wages and benefits in our community; laws to increase salaries will demolish the companies that have started to blossom in Laconia/Belmont.
Lastly, I have seen a bill after the bill gets pushed through Concord that strangles our 2nd Amendment rights: Red Flag Law. The only reason these bills are not the law is because of our remarkable governor vetoing these bills. I believe wholeheartedly in our Bill of Rights and both Constitutions, the United States and New Hampshire. I grew up almost my whole life in Laconia, and I know how tremendous it can be. As most know, I nowadays reside in Belmont and want both Laconia and Belmont to be the epitome for the rest of this beautiful state.