HB 72, relative to the tenure of public librarians. (House Concurs 5/18/23)

HB 75, (New Title) relative to the election of Strafford county commissioners. (SJ 5/11/2023)

HB 83, relative to county commissioners' authority on county buildings. (SJ 3/30/2023)

HB 111, establishing a committee to study electrical vehicle charging for residential renters. (House Concurs 5/18/23)

HB 119-FN, (New Title) relative to homestead food operation licensure and making provisions for the sale of meat from uninspected bison, elk, or red deer. (SJ 5/18/23)

HB 137, relative to boating safety equipment rules and vessel numbering rules, and establishing a committee to study boat registrations fees. (House Concurs 5/18/23)

HB 152, relative to soil and plant additives. (House Concurs 5/4/2023)

HB 233-FN, relative to useful thermal energy under the renewable portfolio standards. (SJ 4/13/2023)

HB 238, relative to the role of quality control and the developmental disability service system. (SJ 5/11/2023)

HB 244, (New Title) relative to the delivery of absentee ballots. (SJ 5/11/2023)

HB 252, (New Title) exempting certain agricultural operations from certain municipal noise ordinances. (House Concurs 5/18/23)

HB 268-FN, (New Title) relative to the furnishing of special number plates to the liquor commission, division of enforcement and licensing, and official cover plates for the house and senate clerks. (House Concurs 5/18/23)

HB 275-L, relative to schools approved for a school tuition program by a school board. (SJ 5/11/2023)

HB 281, (New Title) relative to least cost integrated resource plans of utilities; municipal hosts for purposes of limited electrical energy producers; the cost of compliance with disclosure of electric renewable portfolio standards; repealing the energy efficiency and sustainable energy board; and procedures for energy facility siting by the site evaluation committee. (SJ 5/18/23)

HB 296, relative to local authority for granting driveway permits. (SJ 4/13/2023)

HB 308, relative to a quorum for meetings open to the public to include remote presence. (SJ 5/11/2023)

HB 321-FN-LOCAL, relative to minutes from nonpublic sessions under the right to know law. (SJ 5/18/23)

HB 349, relative to a special purpose school district for Bridgewater, Hebron, and Groton. (SJ 5/11/2023)

HB 407, relative to regulations on alcohol. (House Concurs 5/4/2023)

HB 408, relative to foster children and vaccinations. (SJ 5/18/23)

HB 409-FN, (New Title) relative to the organization of the office of professional licensure and certification and adoption of the interstate social work licensure compact. (SJ 5/18/23)

HB 421, (Second New Title) relative to providing menstrual hygiene products at no cost to individuals who biologically menstruate in state and county correctional facilities. (SJ 5/18/23)

HB 461-FN, (Second New Title) establishing a committee to study elimination by political subdivision employers of a retirement system position. (SJ 5/18/23)

HB 467-FN, relative to public playground accessibility. (SJ 5/18/23)

HB 492-FN, requiring the department of education to provide the house and senate standing committees responsible for education with copies of the laws and rules relative to education. (SJ 5/11/2023)

HB 520, relative to escrow accounts maintained by licensed nondepository mortgage bankers, brokers, and servicers. (House Concurs 5/4/2023)

HB 534-FN-A, relative to water assistance for natural disasters. (SJ 5/18/23)

HB 536, (New Title) relative to the chartered public school joint legislative oversight committee, and relative to chartered public school use of unused district facilities. (SJ 5/11/2023)

HB 550-FN, relative to chartered public school dissolution. (House Concurs 5/4/2023)

HB 584, relative to the Uniform Commercial Code's article on controllable electronic records. (SJ 5/18/23)

HB 607-FN, relative to the regulation of games of chance. (SJ 5/18/23)

HB 611-FN, (Second New Title) relative to eligibility criteria for the therapeutic cannabis program and establishing a commission to study state-controlled sales of cannabis and relative to the prohibition on the sale of hemp products containing certain levels of THC. (SJ 5/18/23)

HB 613-FN, relative to regulation of the individual health insurance market under RSA 404-G. (House Concurs 5/4/2023)

HB 642-FN, (Second New Title) relative to budget flexibility for services for the developmentally disabled. (SJ 5/11/2023)