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  House History
  House History
Bill Title: exempting certain meetings concerning collective bargaining from the right-to-know law.
  General Status:  
LSR#: 699 Body: H Local Govt: N Chapter#: None Gen Status: VETOED BY GOVERNOR
  House Status   This Bill Has a Roll Call!!   
  Status Date   10/13/2010
  Current Committee   Judiciary
  Committee of Referral   Judiciary
  Date Introduced   1/8/2009
  Due out of Committee   12/2/2009
  Floor Date   1/13/2010
  Senate Status


  Status Date   5/12/2010
  Current Committee   Public and Municipal Affairs
  Committee of Referral   Public and Municipal Affairs
  Date Introduced   3/24/2010
  Due out of Committee  
  Floor Date   5/12/2010
David Cote (D) Pamela Price (r)
   Next/Last Hearing: SENATE Public and Municipal Affairs
Date: Time: Place: Majority Report: Minority Report:
05/06/2010  08:40 AM  LOB 103  Ought to Pass    None
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