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Bill Title: relative to the labeling and sale of hemp products containing CBD.
  General Status:  
LSR#: 2374 Body: H Local Govt: N Chapter#: None Gen Status: HOUSE
  House Status  
  Status Date  
  Current Committee   Commerce and Consumer Affairs
  Committee of Referral   Commerce and Consumer Affairs
  Date Introduced   1/8/2020
  Due out of Committee   3/5/2020
  Floor Date   3/11/2020
  Senate Status


  Status Date  
  Current Committee  
  Committee of Referral  
  Date Introduced  
  Due out of Committee  
  Floor Date  
Jerry Knirk (D) Garrett Muscatel (D) William Marsh (D)
Peter Bixby (D) Howard Pearl (R)
   Next/Last Hearing: HOUSE Commerce and Consumer Affairs
Date: Time: Place: Majority Report: Minority Report:
02/12/2020  01:30 PM  LOB Room 302      None
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