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HB211 Roll Call
Vote Date: 05/30/2019 Vote#: 165 Question/Motion: Inexpedient to Legislate
Yeas: 11 Nays: 13 View All Roll Calls
Party County District Vote
Birdsell, Regina Republican 19 Yea
Bradley, Jeb Republican 03 Yea
Carson, Sharon Republican 14 Yea
Cavanaugh, Kevin Democrat 16 Nay
Chandley, Shannon Democrat 11 Nay
D'Allesandro, Lou Democrat 20 Nay
Dietsch, Jeanne Democrat 09 Nay
Feltes, Dan Democrat 15 Nay
French, Harold Republican 07 Yea
Fuller Clark, Martha Democrat 21 Nay
Giuda, Bob Republican 02 Yea
Gray, James Republican 06 Yea
Hennessey, Martha Democrat 05 Nay
Kahn, Jay Democrat 10 Nay
Levesque, Melanie Democrat 12 Nay
Morgan, Jon Democrat 23 Yea
Morse, Chuck Republican 22 Yea
Reagan, John Republican 17 Yea
Rosenwald, Cindy Democrat 13 Nay
Sherman, Tom Democrat 24 Nay
Soucy, Donna Democrat 18 Nay
Starr, David Republican 01 Yea
Ward, Ruth Republican 08 Yea
Watters, David Democrat 04 Nay

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