#26 S Armory Rental Regulations - ss by #1200

#26.1 Use of State Armories for Other than Military Purposes

#26.2 Use of Armories for Non-Military Purposes by Military Units

#26.3 Maximum Capacities of Armories

#26.4 Armory Hall Rental Fees

#26.5 Manner of Filing Applications for Non-Military Use of Armory

#26.6 Permission to Enter Armories

#1200 S Revised Armory Rental Regulations-Application for Permission and Contract - ss #26-eff. 7-l6-78 (superseded by #1324)

#1324 Revised Armory Regulations 1-18 "Use of State Armories for Other Than Military Purposes." - eff. 3-8-79 (ss #1200)

#1411 Amendment to #1324 - Section IV paragraph 16 Relative to Revision of Rental Fees for the N.H. Armories

#2280(E) Use of Military Armories Adj. 100 (eff 12-27-82)

#2815* Adopt Adj. 100 Use of State Military Armories (eff 8-15-84)

#5057* Readopt with amendments Adj 300 to Non-Military Use of State Military Armories (eff 3-1-91)


Pursuant to RSA 110-B:8-a, I, established effective 5-6-85 by 1985, 1:1, "All special military regulations adopted under this chapter shall be exempt from the requirements of RSA 541-A, except as indicated in paragraph II." Paragraph II requires rules relative to use of armories, rental fees for armories, and issuance of obsolete military property.


Document #5057, effective 3-1-91, contained Chapter Adj 300 governing non-military use of state armories. Chapters Adj 100 and Adj 200 were reserved for future rulemaking by Document #5057. Document #5057 supersedes all prior filings for the rules of the Adjutant General's Department. The filings prior to Document #5057 include the following documents:

#2280(E), eff 12-27-82; EXPIRED

#2815, eff 8-16-84; EXPIRED 8-16-90

Document #2815 contained rules in Chapter Adj 100 entitled "Use of State Military Armories". Please note that there were no rules in effect for the Adjutant General's Department between 8-16-90 and 3-1-91.


All rules of the Adjutant General in Adj 300 under Document #5057 EXPIRED on 3-1-97