Program for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Section 200-C:20-a

    200-C:20-a National Level and State Level Examination Fee; Revolving Fund Established. –
I. Interpreters seeking to be licensed under RSA 326-I who are required to be examined by the department of education shall be charged a fee for the national level or state level examination by the department of education, as appropriate. The state board of education shall establish, pursuant to RSA 541-A, a fee schedule for such purpose. The administrator, bureau of vocational rehabilitation, shall assess and collect such fees.
II. The administrator, bureau of vocational rehabilitation, shall establish a revolving fund into which shall be deposited fees collected under paragraph I. The revolving fund shall be nonlapsing. The commissioner of education, with approval of the governor and council, is authorized to use moneys from the revolving fund for the purposes of funding the program as provided in this subdivision.

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