General Powers and Duties

Section 194:15-a

    194:15-a Lord's Prayer in Public Elementary Schools. – As an affirmation of the freedom of religion in this country, a school district may authorize the recitation of the traditional Lord's prayer in public elementary schools. Pupil participation in the recitation of the prayer shall be voluntary. Pupils shall be reminded that this Lord's prayer is the prayer our pilgrim fathers recited when they came to this country in their search for freedom. Pupils shall be informed that these exercises are not meant to influence an individual's personal religious beliefs in any manner. The exercises shall be conducted so that pupils shall learn of our great freedoms, which freedoms include the freedom of religion and are symbolized by the recitation of the Lord's prayer.

Source. 1975, 225:1. 2002, 277:1, eff. July 17, 2002.