Section 420-K:6

    420-K:6 Assessments. –
I. Following the close of each fiscal year, the administrator shall determine the net premiums, the pool expenses of administration and the incurred losses for the year, taking into account investment income and other appropriate gains and losses.
(a) Each member's assessment for the reinsurance pool shall be based on its number of covered lives times a specified assessment rate. The board of directors shall specify the basis used to set the assessment rate. The board of directors shall establish a regular assessment rate, which shall be:
(1) Calculated on a calendar year basis based on the net losses from the audited financial statements of the prior fiscal year;
(2) Established no later than November 1 in the current fiscal year; and
(3) Anticipated to be sufficient to meet the pool's funding needs.
(b) In addition to the regular assessment rate, the board may establish a special assessment rate for organizational expenses and to pay claims reinsured by the pool. Notwithstanding RSA 420-G:4, a writer of health insurance may increase the premiums charged by the amount of the special assessment. Any assessment may appear as a separate line item on a policyholder's bill.
(1) The board shall only establish an interim assessment if the board determines that its funds are or will become insufficient to pay the reinsurance pool's expense or claims reinsured by the pool, in a timely manner.
(2) The regular assessment rate, and any special assessment rate, shall be subject to the approval of the commissioner. The commissioner shall approve the rate if he or she finds that the amount is required to fulfill the purpose of the reinsurance pool. For the purpose of making this determination, the commissioner may, at the expense of the pool, seek independent actuarial certification of the need for the proposed rate.
(c) The board shall impose and collect assessments on members of the pool.
(d) If the assessment exceeds the amount actually needed, the excess shall be held and invested and, with the earnings and interest thereon, be used to offset future net losses. Each covered life shall be included in the assessment on an aggregate basis and procedures shall be maintained to ensure that no covered life is counted more than once.
II. Provision shall be made in the plan of operation for the imposition of an interest penalty for late payment of assessments.
III. The board may defer, in whole or in part, the assessment of a member insurer if, in the opinion of the board, payment of the assessment would endanger the ability of the insurer to fulfill its contractual obligations. In the event an assessment against a member insurer is deferred in whole or in part, the amount by which such assessment is deferred may be assessed against the other members in a manner consistent with the basis for assessments set forth in this chapter. The member insurer receiving such deferral shall remain liable to the pool for the amount deferred. The board may attach appropriate conditions to any such deferral.
IV. The board shall have the authority to continue to impose and collect assessments pursuant to this section until the obligations of the pool have been satisfied in full. The board shall submit an annual report to the commissioner, in a manner and form determined by the commissioner, listing the association membership base, providing a count of covered lives by member, identifying changes in association membership and covered lives, describing the collection of assessments, listing payment delinquencies, and containing such other related information as the commissioner may require. The commissioner shall annually review the report on association membership, covered lives, and the payment of assessments to ensure that all insurers that should be members of the association are participating in the association and that all association members have accurately reported covered lives and paid the proper assessment. The board shall remedy any problem identified by the commissioner with respect to membership in the association, reporting of covered lives, or payment of the assessment.

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