Section 420-B:8-p

    420-B:8-p Coverage for Certified Midwives. – Every health maintenance organization and every similar corporation licensed under the laws of another state that issues or renews any policy, plan, or contract of individual or group health insurance providing maternity benefits shall also provide to each group, or to the portion of each group comprised of certificate holders of such insurance who are residents of this state, coverage consistent with the terms and conditions of the policy for services rendered by a midwife certified under RSA 326-D. Such coverage shall be subject to each insurer's standards and mechanisms for credentialing and contracting pursuant to RSA 420-J:4 and RSA 420-J:8 respectively, where applicable, and contingent upon services being provided in a licensed health care facility or at home and within the scope of practice of a certified midwife. Benefits provided shall not be subject to any greater co-payment, deductible, or coinsurance than any other similar benefits provided by the insurer.

Source. 2006, 8:4. 2008, 298:4. 2010, 188:13, eff. Aug. 20, 2010.