Section 420-B:24

    420-B:24 Notification of Option to Enroll in Health Maintenance Organization. –
I. Each employer, public or private, in this state which offers its employees a health benefit plan and employs at least 25 employees, and each employee benefit fund in this state which offers its members any form of health benefit, shall make available to and inform its employees or members of the option to enroll in at least one health maintenance organization holding a valid certificate of authority which provides health care services in the geographic areas in which a substantial number of such employees or members reside; provided, however, that such employer or employee benefit fund shall not be required to make available or inform its employees or members about such option if no health maintenance organization is available to such employer or employee benefit plan. Where there is a prevailing collective bargaining agreement, the selection of the available health maintenance organizations shall be made pursuant to the agreement.
II. No employer in this state shall be required to pay more for health benefits as a result of the application of this section than would otherwise be required by any prevailing collective bargaining agreement or other contract for the provision of health benefits to its employees, provided that the employer or benefits fund shall pay to the health maintenance organization chosen by each employee or member an amount equal to the lesser of:
(a) The amount paid on behalf of its other employees or members for health benefits; or
(b) The health maintenance organization's charge for coverage approved by the commissioner.
III. Should federal legislation requiring employers to offer to employees the option to enroll in a health maintenance organization be repealed or expire, the provisions of RSA 420-B:24, I and II shall no longer apply.

Source. 1989, 186:5, eff. July 1, 1989.