Section 420-B:23

    420-B:23 Systems Failing to Meet Requirements of This Chapter; Operation, Licensing and Regulation. – Notwithstanding the provisions of this chapter, a person proposing to operate a system of health care delivery and financing which is to be offered to individuals, whether or not as members of groups, in exchange for a fixed payment and organized so that providers and the organization are in some part at risk for the cost of services in a manner similar to a health maintenance organization, but who fails to meet the requirements set forth in this chapter, may operate such a system if the commissioner finds that the proposed operation will benefit persons who will be served by it. The operation shall be licensed and regulated in the same manner as a health maintenance organization under this chapter, except to the extent that the commissioner determines that the regulation is inappropriate to the system of health care delivery and financing. A person operating a system of health care delivery and financing pursuant to this section shall not advertise or solicit or in any way identify itself in a manner implying to the public that it is a health maintenance organization licensed under this chapter.

Source. 1986, 56:1, eff. July 4, 1986.