Section 415:18-o

    415:18-o Group or Blanket Plan Prescription Drug Information Cards. –
I. Each insurer that issues or renews any policy of group accident or health insurance which provides coverage for prescription drugs or devices, or which contracts with an entity providing such prescription drug coverage, including but not limited to pharmacy benefit manager companies, shall issue to certificate holders a card or other technology containing uniform prescription drug information. The uniform prescription drug information card or technology shall include all of the fields required by the health insurance provider for claims processing in a clear, readable, and understandable manner on the card or other technology issued, shall include the information required under RSA 400-A:15-c, and shall include, at a minimum, the following information:
(a) The name or trademark logo of the insurer and, if another company administers the prescription benefit, the name or trademark logo of the benefit administrator.
(b) The certificate holder's name and identification number.
(c) All of the electronic transaction routing information required by the insurer or its benefit administrator in order for the pharmacy to electronically process a prescription claim, including but not limited to the BIN number labeled as such or the Processor Control Number labeled as such, or both.
II. All subscriber health insurance cards issued after January 1, 2004 shall contain the information required under paragraph I.
III. A new uniform prescription drug information card, as required under this section, shall be issued by an insurer upon enrollment of new members and when reissuing a new card to current members when there is a change in the certificate holder's pharmacy coverage that affects data contained on the card.

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