Section 415:18-h

    415:18-h Coverage for Dental Procedures; Dental Offices. –
I. Each dental insurer or other similar entity, including Delta under RSA 420-F, that issues or renews any policy of group insurance providing benefits for oral surgical procedures, shall provide to each certificate holder who is a resident of New Hampshire coverage for the administration of general anesthesia administered by a licensed dentist for dental procedures performed in a dentist's office on a covered person who:
(a) Is a child under the age of 13 who is determined by a licensed dentist in conjunction with a licensed physician to have a dental condition of significant complexity which requires the child to receive general anesthesia for the treatment of such condition; or
(b) Is a person who has exceptional medical circumstances or a developmental disability as determined by a licensed physician which place the person at serious risk.
II. All of the terms and conditions of the covered person's policy shall apply to these services.

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