Section 415-C:3

    415-C:3 Obligor Registration. –
I. No obligor shall offer, administer, sell, solicit, negotiate, or act under a consumer guaranty contract in this state unless:
(a) The obligor registers with the commissioner on a form prescribed by the commissioner and pays the registration fee required by RSA 400-A:29, VIII-a(a); or
(b) The obligor is authorized as an insurer in this state to issue specified lines of consumer guaranty contracts, in which case the insurer is exempt from paragraphs II and III of this section and RSA 415-C:4.
II. An obligor's registration shall include the following:
(a) A certified copy of the obligor's charter and bylaws.
(b) A certificate giving a full statement, under oath of the obligor's president and secretary, that the fiscal requirements stated in this chapter are met.
(c) Other information in relation to the obligor's condition as may be required by the commissioner.
III. Every obligor registration made pursuant to this chapter shall expire on the next June 14 following such registration unless renewed prior to that date. Renewal shall be made by paying an annual renewal fee pursuant to RSA 400-A:29, VIII-a(b) and supplementing the original form for any material change to the registration.
IV. An obligor's employee is exempt from the registration provisions stated in this section if the obligor is authorized to do business in this state.

Source. 2004, 224:1, eff. Jan. 1, 2005.