Section 415-C:10-a

    415-C:10-a Action Against an Obligor, Designee or Representative of an Obligor. –
I. When an obligor, its designee, or any other representative of an obligor, including a seller or administrator, in any action or proceeding brought by the insurance commissioner has been found to be in violation of this chapter or has been ordered to cease and desist, and said finding or order has become final, any consumer claiming to be adversely affected by the act or practice giving rise to such finding or order, and to whom restitution has not been provided under RSA 415-C:10, IV or to whom the obligor, its designee or representative has not made voluntary restitution acceptable to the consumer within 30 days of the finding or order, may bring suit against said obligor to recover such damages or loss that have been suffered by him or her because of such action or practice.
II. For the sole purposes of providing the consumer with the procedural rights set forth under RSA 541 and RSA 541-A, failure of the commissioner to take action under RSA 415-C:10 within 120 days from the date of the receipt of a complaint from an alleged injured person shall constitute a finding that the alleged act or practice is not in violation of this chapter. This finding may be appealed in accordance with RSA 541. If upon appeal the decision of the commissioner is not upheld, the consumer may proceed under RSA 415-C:10-a, I. This provision shall not bar the commissioner from bringing an enforcement action for violation of this chapter more than 120 days after receipt of a complaint.

Source. 2008, 255:6, eff. Aug. 25, 2008.