Section 415-A:2

    415-A:2 Standards for Policy Provisions. –
I. The commissioner shall adopt rules to establish specific standards, including standards of full and fair disclosure, that set forth the manner, content and required disclosure for the sale of all policies of accident and health insurance which shall be in addition to, and in accordance with, applicable laws of this state, including RSA 415, which may cover but shall not be limited to:
(a) Terms of renewability.
(b) Initial and subsequent conditions of eligibility.
(c) Nonduplication of coverage provisions.
(d) Coverage of dependents.
(e) Preexisting conditions.
(f) Termination of insurance.
(g) Probationary periods.
(h) Limitations.
(i) Exceptions.
(j) Reductions.
(k) Elimination periods.
(l) Requirements for replacement.
(m) Recurrent conditions.
(n) The definition of terms including but not limited to the following: hospital, accident, sickness, injury, physician, accidental means, total disability, partial disability, nervous disorder, guaranteed renewable and noncancellable.
II. The commissioner may adopt rules prohibiting provisions which may be misleading or unreasonably confusing in connection with either the purchase of insurance or the settlement of claims; prohibiting provisions which may be contrary to the health care needs of the public or coverage which is so limited in scope as to be of no significant economic value to the holders thereof; and prohibiting provisions not otherwise specifically authorized by statute which, in the opinion of the commissioner, are unjust, unfair and unfairly discriminatory to the policyholder, certificate holder or subscriber, any other person insured under the policy, or the beneficiary.

Source. 1975, 494:1, eff. Aug. 28, 1975.