Denial of Privileges, etc., by Other States

Section 405:61

    405:61 Request for Information. –
I. Any law enforcement investigator may request an insurance company licensed under this chapter to release any information in its possession relative to the disappearance, theft or loss of any motor vehicle, or other personal property. The insurance company shall release the information and cooperate with any official authorized to request such information pursuant to this section. The information may include but not be limited to:
(a) Any relevant insurance policy;
(b) Policy premium payment records;
(c) History of previous claims made by the insured for the theft, loss or disappearance of any motor vehicle or other personal property;
(d) Any other material relating to the investigation of the theft, loss or disappearance.
II. If an insurance company has reason to suspect that a theft, loss or disappearance of a motor vehicle or other personal property in the amount of $500 or more was caused by other than accidental means, the company shall notify the local or state law enforcement authorities and furnish them, either through a recognized bureau or organization of companies or through the secretary or other officer of the insurance company, with all relevant material acquired during its investigation of the theft, loss or disappearance of a motor vehicle or other personal property. The insurance company shall cooperate with and take such reasonable action as may be requested of it by any law enforcement agency, and permit any person so ordered by a court to inspect any of its records pertaining to the policy and the loss.
III. In the absence of fraud or malice, no public official or insurance company or person who furnishes information on behalf of the insurance company shall be liable for damages in a civil action or subject to criminal prosecution for any oral or written statement made or any other action taken that is necessary to supply information required pursuant to this section.
IV. The recipient of any information furnished pursuant to this section shall hold the information in confidence, and shall only release it to a law enforcement authority or agency or to the insurance department, until such time as its release is required pursuant to a criminal or civil proceeding.
V. An insurer or other person licensed by the insurance department who fails to comply with this section may be subject to administrative action to be taken by the insurance commissioner. The penalty imposed by the commissioner may include a fine not exceeding $2500 in the discretion of the insurance commissioner, or suspension or revocation of such insurer's license, or both.

Source. 1981, 502:5, eff. Aug. 28, 1981.