Insurance Consultants

Section 405:44-a

    405:44-a Consultants; Producer; License Required. –
I. No person, corporation, partnership or association shall engage in any of the following acts without holding a valid producer license pursuant to RSA 402-J and complying with the provisions of RSA 405:44-a through RSA 405:44-g:
(a) Place on any advertisements, cards, signs, circulars or letterheads, or elsewhere, or in any other way or manner by which public announcements are made, use the title "insurance consultant," "insurance adviser," "insurance specialist," "insurance counselor," "insurance analyst," "policyholders' advisor," "policyholders' counselor," or any other similar title, or any title, word or combination of words indicating that the person, corporation, partnership or association gives, or is engaged in the business of giving, advice, counsel, recommendation or information to holders of policies of insurance or annuity or pure endowment contracts; or
(b) For a fee received or to be received, offer to examine, or examine or aid in examining, any policy of insurance for any annuity or pure endowment contract for the purpose of giving, or give or offer to give, any advice, counsel, recommendation or information in respect to the terms, conditions, benefits, coverage or premium of any such policy or contract, or in respect to the expediency or advisability of altering, changing, exchanging, converting, replacing, surrendering, continuing, renewing or rejecting any such policy or contract, or of accepting or procuring any such policy or contract from any company.
II. The term "fee" as used in this section means compensation paid by a person served by any person required to be licensed under RSA 402-J. Fee shall not be construed to mean the commission paid to a licensed insurance producer by an insurer.

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