Licenses for Companies

Section 405:11-a

    405:11-a Prohibitions. –
I. No foreign insurer which is directly or indirectly owned or controlled in whole or in substantial part by any government or governmental agency shall be authorized to transact insurance in this state. Membership in a mutual insurer or subscribership in a reciprocal insurer or ownership of stock in an insurer by the alien property custodian or similar official of the United States or ownership of stock or other security which does not have voting rights with respect to the management of the insurer or supervision of an insurer by public authority shall not be deemed to be an ownership or control of the insurer for the purposes of this section.
II. The commissioner shall not grant or continue authority to transact insurance in this state as to any insurer or proposed insurer that management of which is found by the commissioner after investigation or upon reliable information to be incompetent or dishonest or untrustworthy or of unfavorable business repute or so lacking in insurance company managerial experience in operations of the kind proposed in this state as to make such operation, currently or prospectively, hazardous to or contrary to the best interests of, the insurance-buying or investing public of this state, or which the commissioner has good reason to believe is affiliated directly or indirectly through ownership, control, reinsurance transactions, or other business relations with any person or persons of unfavorable business repute or whose business operations are or have been marked, to the injury of insurers, stockholders, policyholders, creditors, or the public, by illegality, or by manipulation of assets or of accounts or of reinsurance or by bad faith.

Source. 2008, 18:13, eff. July 11, 2008.