Section 404-H:9

    404-H:9 Plan of Operation. –
I. The association shall submit to the commissioner a plan of operation and any amendments thereto necessary or suitable to assure the fair, reasonable, and equitable administration of the association. The plan of operation and any amendments thereto shall become effective upon approval in writing by the commissioner.
II. If the association fails to submit a suitable plan of operation within 90 days following the effective date of this chapter, the commissioner shall, after notice and hearing, adopt and promulgate such reasonable rules as are necessary or advisable to effectuate the provisions of this chapter. Such rules shall continue in force until modified by the commissioner or superseded by a plan submitted by the association and approved by the commissioner.
III. All member insurers shall comply with the plan of operation.
IV. The plan of operation shall:
(a) Establish the procedures whereby all the powers and duties of the association under RSA 404-H:8 will be performed.
(b) Establish procedures for handling assets of the association.
(c) Establish the method of reimbursing members of the board of directors under RSA 404-H:7.
(d) Establish procedures by which claims may be filed with the association.
(e) Provide that notice of claims to the receiver or liquidator of the insolvent insurer shall be deemed notice to and filing with the association or its agent and a list of such claims shall be periodically submitted to the association or similar organization in another state by the receiver or liquidator.
(f) Establish regular places and times for meetings of the board of directors.
(g) Establish procedures for records to be kept of all financial transactions of the association, its agents, and the board of directors.
(h) Provide that any member insurer aggrieved by any final action or decision of the association may appeal to the commissioner within 30 days after the action or decision.
(i) Establish the procedures whereby selections for the board of directors will be submitted to the commissioner.
(j) Contain additional provisions necessary or proper for the execution of the powers and duties of the association.
V. The plan of operation may provide that any or all powers and duties of the association, except those under RSA 404-H:8, II(b) and IV are delegated to a corporation, association, or other organization which performs or will perform functions similar to those of this association, or its equivalent, in 2 or more states. Such a corporation, association or organization shall be reimbursed as a servicing facility would be reimbursed and shall be paid for its performance of any other functions of the association. A delegation under this paragraph shall take effect only with the approval of both the board of directors and the commissioner, and may be made only to a corporation, association, or organization which extends protection not substantially less favorable and effective than that provided by this chapter.

Source. 2004, 197:1, eff. Aug. 6, 2004.