Section 403-B:6

    403-B:6 Issuance of New Certificate of Authority. – After approval by the secretary of state of the articles of incorporation and certification by the insurer that the conversion has been effected, the commissioner shall issue a new certificate of authority to the insurer as a stock insurance company, effective as of the effective date of the conversion. The conversion shall be deemed to have been completed and the insurer shall become a domestic stock insurance company on such effective date, unless the plan of conversion shall have been terminated by the board of directors with the concurrence of the commissioner prior to such effective date. The stock insurance company shall be a continuation of the insurer and deemed to have been organized at the time the insurer was formed. The conversion shall not eliminate or change any of the insurer's rights and obligations existing prior to the date of conversion except as provided by this chapter. The stock insurance company, after conversion, shall exercise all the rights and powers and perform all the duties conferred or imposed by law upon insurers writing the classes of insurance written by it.

Source. 1992, 288:16, eff. May 18, 1992.