Section 402-D:3

    402-D:3 License Required. –
I. A person shall not act or hold himself or herself out as a public adjuster in this state unless the person is licensed as a public adjuster in accordance with this chapter.
II. A person licensed as a public adjuster shall not represent or act as an adjuster licensed pursuant to RSA 402-B and representing an insurer in any capacity, including acting as an employee of the insurer or as an insurance claims adjuster.
III. A license as a public adjuster shall not be required of the following:
(a) An attorney-at-law admitted to practice in this state, when acting in his or her professional capacity as an attorney;
(b) A person employed only for the purpose of obtaining facts surrounding a loss or furnishing technical assistance to a licensed public adjuster, including photographers, estimators, private investigators, engineers, and handwriting experts;
(c) A licensed health care provider, or employee of a licensed health care provider, who prepares or files a health claim form on behalf of a patient; or
(d) A person who settles subrogation claims between insurers.

Source. 2006, 9:1, eff. May 2, 2006.