Section 402-D:14

    402-D:14 Approval of Forms. –
I. No contract in writing for the adjustment or appraisal for any loss shall be made until a copy of the form of such contract has been on file for 30 days with the commissioner, unless before the expiration of that period the commissioner shall have approved the form in writing, provided that the commissioner may disapprove the form within the 30-day period.
II. Contracts not containing all of the information required by RSA 402-D:13, I shall be automatically deemed disapproved. Any disapproved contract that is used by a public adjuster in violation of this paragraph shall be voidable by the consumer who signed the contract.
III. In the event of disapproval of the form, the commissioner shall notify the public adjuster and shall specify the reasons for the disapproval. The decision to disapprove the form may be appealed in accordance with RSA 541.

Source. 2006, 9:1. 2014, 31:4, eff. July 26, 2014.