Formal Proceedings

Section 402-C:26

    402-C:26 Notice to Creditors and Others. –
I. Notice Required.
(a) General Requirements. The liquidator shall give notice of the liquidation order as soon as possible by first class mail and either by telegram or telephone to the insurance commissioner of each jurisdiction in which the insurer is licensed to do business, by first class mail within this state and by airmail outside this state to all insurance agents having a duty under RSA 402-C:27, and by first class mail within this state and by airmail outside this state at the last known address to all persons known or reasonably expected to have claims against the insurer, including all policyholders. He also shall publish notice in a newspaper of general statewide circulation or in Merrimack county, the last publication to be not less than 3 months before the earliest deadline specified in the notice under paragraph III.
(b) Special Requirements. Notice to agents shall inform them of their duties under RSA 402-C:27 and inform them what information they must communicate to insureds. Notice to policyholders shall include notice of impairment and termination of coverage under RSA 402-C:22. When it is applicable, notice to policyholders shall include 1) notice of withdrawal of the insurer from the defense of any case in which the insured is interested and 2) notice of the right to file a claim under RSA 402-C:40.
(c) Reports and Further Notice. Within 15 days of the date of entry of the order, the liquidator shall report to the court what notice has been given. The court may order such additional notice as it deems appropriate.
II. Notice Respecting Claims Filing. Notice to potential claimants under paragraph I shall require claimants to file with the liquidator their claims together with proper proofs thereof under RSA 402-C:38 on or before a date the liquidator specifies in the notice, which shall be no less than 6 months nor more than one year after entry of the order, except that the liquidator need not require persons claiming cash surrender values or other investment values in life insurance and annuities to file a claim. The liquidator may specify different dates for the filing of different kinds of claims.
III. Notice Conclusive. If notice is given in accordance with this section, the distribution of the assets of the insurer under this chapter shall be conclusive with respect to all claimants, whether or not they received notice.

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