Summary Proceedings

Section 402-C:14

    402-C:14 Conduct of Hearings in Summary Proceedings. –
I. Confidentiality of Commissioner's Hearings. The commissioner shall hold all hearings in summary proceedings privately unless the insurer requests a public hearing, in which case the hearing shall be public.
II. Confidentiality of Court Hearings. The court may hold all hearings in summary proceedings and judicial reviews thereof privately in chambers, and shall do so on request of the insurer proceeded against.
III. Records. In all summary proceedings and judicial reviews thereof, all records of the company, other documents, and all insurance department files and court records and papers, so far as they pertain to or are a part of the record of the summary proceedings, shall be and remain confidential except as is necessary to obtain compliance therewith, unless the court, after hearing arguments from the parties in chamber, shall order otherwise, or unless the insurer requests that the matter be made public. Until such court order, all papers, filed with the clerk of the court shall be held by him in a confidential file.
IV. Parties. If at any time it appears to the court that any person whose interest is or will be substantially affected by an order did not appear at the hearing and has not been served, the court may order that notice be given and the proceedings be adjourned to give him opportunity to appear on such terms as may be just.
V. Sanctions. Any person having possession or custody of and refusing to deliver any of the property, books, accounts, documents or other records of an insurer against which a seizure order or a summary order has been issued by the commissioner or by the court, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor if a natural person, or guilty of a felony if any other person.

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