Section 400-A:3

    400-A:3 Insurance Commissioner; Appointment; Term. – The head of the department shall be the insurance commissioner who is charged with the rights, powers, and duties pertaining to the enforcement and execution of the insurance laws of this state. The commissioner shall have all powers specifically granted to him or her or reasonably implied in order to enable him or her to perform the duties imposed by this title. The commissioner shall have such additional rights, powers, and duties as may be provided by other laws. The commissioner shall be appointed by the governor with advice and consent of the council. The commissioner shall hold office for 5 years. Vacancies in the office of the insurance commissioner shall be filled for the unexpired term of such office. The commissioner may be removed only as provided by RSA 4:1.

Source. 1971, 244:1. 2007, 156:14, eff. Aug. 17, 2007.