Section 400-A:20

    400-A:20 Witnesses and Documentary Evidence. –
I. As to the subject of any examination, investigation or hearing being conducted by him, the commissioner may subpoena witnesses and administer oaths or affirmations and examine any individual under oath, or take depositions; and by subpoena duces tecum may require the production of documentary and other evidence. Any delegation by the commissioner of power of subpoena shall be in writing.
II. Every person subpoenaed to appear at any such hearing, examination, or investigation shall obey the subpoena, testify truthfully, conduct himself with decorum, and in no way obstruct the proceeding or purpose thereof.
III. Witnesses shall be entitled to the same fees and allowances as witnesses in the superior court; except that no insurer, agent, broker, or other person subject to this title who is a subject of such proceeding, and no officer, director, or employee of any of the foregoing, shall be entitled to witness or mileage fees. No person shall be excused from attending and testifying in obedience to a subpoena on the ground that the proper witness fee was not tendered or paid, unless the witness shall have demanded such payment as a condition precedent to attending the hearing, examination, or investigation and unless such demand shall not have been complied with.
IV. Any individual knowingly testifying falsely under oath or making a false affirmation, as to any matter material to any such examination, investigation or hearing, shall upon conviction thereof be guilty of perjury.

Source. 1971, 244:1, eff. Aug. 17, 1971.