Section 400-A:18

    400-A:18 Notice of Hearing. –
I. Except where a longer period is expressly provided in this title, the commissioner shall give written notice of the hearing not less than 10 days in advance. The notice shall state the date, time, and place of the hearing and specify the matters to be considered thereat. If the persons to be given notice are not specified in provision pursuant to which the hearing is held, the commissioner shall give such notice to all persons whose pecuniary interest, to the commissioner's knowledge or belief, are to be directly and immediately affected by the hearing. Notice of the hearing may be waived, and the hearing held at a time mutually fixed by the commissioner and the parties.
II. If any such hearing is to be held for consideration of rules and regulations of the commissioner, or of other matters which, under paragraph I above, would otherwise require separate notices to more than 30 persons, in lieu of other notice, the commissioner may give notice of the hearing by publication thereof in a newspaper of general circulation in this state, at least once each week during the 2 weeks immediately preceding the week in which the hearing is to be held; except, that the commissioner shall mail such notice to all persons who have requested the same in writing in advance and have paid to the commissioner the reasonable amount fixed by him to cover the cost thereof. All such notices, other than published notices, shall be given as provided in RSA 400-A:14.

Source. 1971, 244:1, eff. Aug. 17, 1971.