Section 400-A:15-g

    400-A:15-g General Provisions Regarding Review of Rate and Form Filings. –
Unless otherwise provided in specific provisions of title XXXVII or in rules promulgated thereunder, when reviewing a rate or form filing submitted by an insurer, the commissioner shall:
I. Within 30 days of receipt, examine the rate or form filing and notify the insurer of any apparent errors or omissions that render the filing incomplete or request any additional information that the insurance department is permitted by law to require and that is deemed by the commissioner to be relevant to the review process.
II. Within 60 days after receipt of the filing or after receipt of the additional information or corrections timely requested by the commissioner pursuant to paragraph I, the commissioner shall:
(a) Approve or deny the filing, in whole or in part; or
(b) Commence an adjudicative proceeding in accordance with RSA 541-A.
III. In the event that the commissioner returns one or more preliminary objections to the insurer regarding a rate or form filing, the period in paragraph II shall not include the period during which the insurer is preparing its response.
IV. Upon written agreement of the insurer, the commissioner may extend any of the time periods for review provided for in this section.
V. Wherever the general time limits prescribed by this section differ from specific time limits provided for by other provisions of title XXXVII or in rules promulgated thereunder, the specific time limits provided for by such other provisions shall control.
VI. If the commissioner fails to take action on a rate or form filing governed by this section within the time limits prescribed in this section, the filing shall be deemed approved. If at any time after a rate or form has been deemed approved under this paragraph, the commissioner finds that the rate or form does not meet any of the requirements under title XXXVII, the commissioner may, after notice and hearing, order the discontinuance of the rate or form. The order shall provide a reasonable time after which the filing shall be deemed no longer effective. The order shall not affect any contract or policy made or issued prior to the expiration of the period set forth in the order. However, a policyholder shall have the privilege to cancel the policy containing the nonconforming rate or policy provision without penalty.
VII. RSA 541-A:29 and RSA 541-A:29-a shall not apply to insurer rate and form filings under title XXXVII.

Source. 2018, 279:22, eff. Jan. 1, 2019.