Section 400-A:10

    400-A:10 Staff. –
I. The commissioner may, within the limits of available funds, appoint or employ and prescribe the duties of such assistants, actuaries, examiners, clerks, and other employees as may be necessary to discharge the duties placed upon the insurance department by RSA title XXXVII.
II. The commissioner may from time to time contract for and procure on a fee or independently contracting basis, such additional actuarial, examination, rating, and other technical and professional services as he may deem necessary for the discharge of his duties. None of the individuals rendering such services pursuant to this paragraph shall be in the classified service of the state; provided, however, the commissioner may authorize, in his discretion, the payment of group hospitalization, hospital medical care, surgical care and other medical benefits, social security benefits, annual and sick leave benefits and such other benefits as are afforded to classified state employees, except participation in the New Hampshire retirement system, to such individuals who have been employed for 6 months or more as he shall determine.
III. If necessary to ensure the timely review of rates and forms submitted for approval under title XXXVII, the commissioner may retain, without appropriation under RSA 9 and without qualifying as a department expenditure under RSA 4:15, independent actuaries or other professionals or specialists as reviewers, the cost of which shall be borne by the regulated entity whose rates or forms are the subject of the review. The entity shall pay the retained professional or specialists directly for their costs. The commissioner shall conduct oversight of such independent reviewers in a manner that is consistent with standards for the use of independent reviewers established by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners in its Financial Condition Examiners Handbook and Market Regulation Handbook and shall ensure that costs are reasonable for the work performed. The amount paid by the company under this paragraph in any fiscal year shall be applied as a nontransferable credit against the company's administrative fee under RSA 400-A:39 in the subsequent fiscal year and shall carry forward in future fiscal years as applicable.

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