Regulatory Approval Procedures

Section 383-A:6-609

    383-A:6-609 Fee Schedule. –
(a) The commissioner shall charge a filing fee to each person for services rendered by the department in reviewing a notice or application. Sums collected under this section shall be payable to the state treasurer as restricted revenue and credited, in accordance with the banking division's accounting unit designation, to the appropriation for the commissioner. Charges for services shall be billed as follows:
(1) Fee for new state bank or credit union charter: $15,000
(2) Fee for domestication of foreign trust company: $7,500
(3) Fee for charter conversion, combination, acquisition, change in control, share exchange, reorganization, or approval of trust powers: $2,500
(4) Fee for the dissolution of a trust company: $2,000
(5) Fee for a reduction in a depository bank's capital, change in business plan or change in required capital of a trust company, amendment to a state bank's organizational instrument, amendment of a credit union's bylaws, or formation of a subsidiary entity that requires approval of the commissioner: $500
(6) Fee for a new branch, loan production office and trust company office: $500
(7) Fee for a relocation or termination of a branch, loan production office or trust company office: $100
(8) Fee to issue a certificate of existence: $50
(9) Fee for a reservation or approval of a name or trade name: $50
(b) If at any time the commissioner determines that the cost to complete the investigation or examination of the notice or application has or will exceed the fee set forth in subparagraphs (a)(1)-(9), the commissioner shall cease further review, notify the filer of this determination and advise that the filer may withdraw the notice or application. If the filer elects to withdraw the notice or application pursuant to this paragraph, the commissioner shall refund the filing fee, minus such costs of investigation or examination that been incurred during the Department's review. If the filer informs the commissioner it does not elect to withdraw the notice or application, the commissioner shall continue the review of the notice or application and the filer shall pay the additional investigation or examination costs. The cost of the investigation or examination shall be determined in accordance with the per diem examination charge established in RSA 383:11, I provided, however, that the requirement that no entity shall be charged or pay less than one full day shall not apply.

Source. 2015, 272:16, eff. Oct. 1, 2015. 2021, 194:20, eff. Oct. 9, 2021.