Chapter 382

Section 382:1

    382:1 Authority. – With the consent of the department of transportation, and upon such terms as it may approve, railroads and bus lines may hold or acquire, by lease or purchase, suitable lands, and convert and maintain the same, as a part of their system, into parks and pleasure grounds for the accommodation and recreation of the public.

Source. 1897, 51:1. PL 257:1. RL 303:1. 1951, 203:62 par. 1. RSA 382:1. 1985, 402:6, I(e)(8).

Section 382:2

    382:2 Structures. – Such lands may be properly enclosed and suitable buildings and structures may be erected and maintained thereon for the convenience, entertainment and comfort of the public.

Source. 1897, 51:1. PL 257:2. RL 303:2. 1951, 203:62 par. 2, eff. Sept. 1, 1951.

Section 382:3

    382:3 Admission; Regulations. – Every railroad and bus line maintaining a park or place or resort may charge a reasonable fee for admission thereto and shall prescribe suitable rules and regulations for the conduct and government thereof, which, when approved by the department of transportation in writing, and when printed copies thereof shall have been posted in and about said park or place of resort, shall be respected and obeyed by all persons entering upon said premises or frequenting the same.

Source. 1897, 51:2. PL 257:3. RL 303:3. 1951, 203:62 par. 3. RSA 382:3. 1985, 402:6, I(e)(8).

Section 382:4

    382:4 Penalty. – Whoever shall violate any of the rules and regulations established for the government of any park or place of resort which has been established in accordance with the provisions of RSA 382 shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

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