Section 376:8

    376:8 Issuance of Contract Carrier Permit. –
I. A permit authorizing, in whole or in part, an operation for which application is made shall be issued to any qualified applicant.
II. Conditions for qualification:
(a) The applicant must be fit, willing, and able to properly perform the proposed service;
(b) The applicant must agree to conform to the provisions of RSA 376 and any rules adopted by the commissioner relative to RSA 376; and
(c) The proposed service must be consistent with the public interest and the policy declared in RSA 376:1.
III. Each contract carrier certificate shall specify:
(a) The business of the contract carrier; and
(b) The scope of the carrier's business.
IV. The department shall impose reasonable conditions on the contract carrier's operations when the permit is issued or at any later time in accordance with rules adopted by the commissioner. However, a carrier may substitute or add contracts or add to its equipment and facilities if the change is within the scope of its permit and is required by the development of the carrier's business and public demands.

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