Section 376:6

    376:6 Provisions of Common Carrier Certificate. –
I. Each common carrier certificate shall specify:
(a) The type of proposed service; and
(b) The scope of proposed service, including:
(1) Routes over which the motor carrier may operate and fixed termini, if any; or
(2) Territory within which the motor carrier may operate.
II. The department may impose reasonable conditions, as required by the public convenience and necessity, on the operations authorized by the certificate when the certificate is issued or at any later time. However, a carrier may add to its equipment within the scope of the routes or territory specified in the certificate if the increase in equipment is required by the development of the carrier's business and public demands.
III. A common carrier by motor vehicle may deviate from its authorized route as permitted in rules adopted by the commissioner or if highway conditions make operation over regular routes impracticable.
IV. A certificate authorizing the transportation of passengers may also permit transportation of:
(a) Newspapers, baggage of passengers, express, or mail in the same vehicle with the passengers; or
(b) Baggage of passengers in a separate vehicle.

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