Section 376:3

    376:3 Exemptions. – There shall be exempt from the provisions of this chapter (1) motor vehicles while employed solely in transporting school children and teachers to or from the school for which such arrangements are within the supervision or control of the local or appropriate state school board authorities; or (2) taxicabs, and other motor vehicles having a manufacturer's rated seating capacity of not more than 7 persons, unless, after investigation, the department shall be of the opinion that the service provided is in competition with the schedules of a common carrier by highway or railroad; or (3) motor vehicles owned or operated by hotels which are used exclusively for the transportation of hotel patrons between hotels and local railroad or other common carrier stations; or (4) motor vehicles while engaged exclusively in work for any branch of the government of the United States or for any department of this state, or for any county, city, town or village; or (5) motor vehicles while engaged exclusively in the delivery of the United States mail; or (6) vans engaged in vanpooling not less than 8 people and not more than 15 people to and from work on a nonprofit basis and in which the operating costs and a reasonable vehicle depreciation cost for such vehicle are paid principally by those people utilizing such arrangement.

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