Section 376:26

    376:26 Temporary Certificates and Permits. –
I. When there is an immediate and urgent need for service in an area and no carrier service is able to meet the need, the department may, without hearing, grant temporary authority for the needed service to a common carrier or contract carrier by motor vehicle.
II. Temporary authority is valid for the length of time specified by the department in the certificate or permit, but may not exceed an aggregate of 60 days. A grant of temporary authority may be suspended or revoked for good cause. A grant of temporary authority creates no presumption that comparable permanent authority will later be granted.
III. Until the department approves under RSA 376:12 the transfer of any rights under a certificate or permit, the department may grant, without hearing, temporary approval of a motor carrier certificate or permit. Temporary approval shall not exceed 60 days. The department may grant temporary approval when a lack of service would result in undue interference with adequate and continuous service to the public.
IV. Temporary certificates and permits are subject to RSA 376 and to rules adopted by the commissioner relative to RSA 376.

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